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0757 2424 999 / 0800 061 4075

London / Slough / Reading / Wycombe / Watford

Immediate help with your vehicle locks and keys

If you've got that sinking feeling that you've lost your car key, or the car locks just won't

budge, it can be difficult to know what to do – particularly when you're stuck in a car park

or away from home.


Your car or work vehicle is an important part of your life, so you can't afford to waste time unnecessarily; you just want quickly fast solution. You may have contacted your main dealer but received an expensive quote, and that's not always an option when you need urgent help. However, there is an effective and affordable solution.

The vehicle specialists at Bulldog Locksmiths provide a 24 hour on-site and emergency service for immediate help with:

  • Lost or broken car keys – whatever your make of car, get an on-the-spot replacement key
  • Broken locks – have your locks fixed, secured or safely opened to retrieve a locked-in key or belongings
  • Commercial vehicle locks and keys – if you have a van, truck or lorry, you can have your keys replaced or broken locks fixed
  • Smart keys and transponder keys – if your car has keyless entry or a chip key that isn't communicating with your car, get it tested, fixed or replaced

If you're in the London, Heathrow, Slough, Reading or Watford area, call Bulldog Locksmiths now on 0757 2424 999 for fast and efficient help.

For security you'll need to show proof of vehicle ownership and photo ID if a key isn't present.


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  • 'These guys are amazing, i lost my keys one night and was grateful enough to find bulldog locksmiths on the internet, my mercedes was opened without damaged and a key was programmed and ready to start my car on the roadside. Exceptional service and affordable. Thanks Bulldog.'

    Raj Nahar, West London
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