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London / Slough / Reading / Wycombe / Watford

Keep your work vehicle secure

When you rely on your vehicle for work, it’s an urgent concern

when you lose the key or the locks have failed.


If you drive a van, truck or lorry, it’s likely you carry some expensive tools or goods around with you, so you won’t want to leave your vehicle unsecured.
Whether you’re out on the road, at work or you take your vehicle home with you, you can trust the commercial vehicle specialists at Bulldog Locksmiths to keep your van, truck or lorry under lock and key.  Bulldog Locksmiths have all the equipment and machinery available to fix your locks and provide you with a key while you wait.  

You can rest assured that regardless of make or model you can get a new transponder key on the spot wherever your vehicle happens to be.  This will save you costs on recovery and ensure you’re back on the road quickly, reducing the cost of downtime.

Bulldog Locksmiths can also supply and install Slamlocks to your van, accredited by Thatcham – the well-known and respected motor-insurance backed research centre.   Slamlocks are designed to automatically lock the vehicle doors when shut and have an internal escape mechanism. 

If you have a commercial vehicle and are in the London, Heathrow, Slough, Reading, Weybridge or Watford area, get 24 hour emergency assistance from the experts at Bulldog Locksmiths on 0757 2424 999.

For security you'll need to provide proof of vehicle ownership and photo ID if no keys are present.


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  • 'These guys are amazing, i lost my keys one night and was grateful enough to find bulldog locksmiths on the internet, my mercedes was opened without damaged and a key was programmed and ready to start my car on the roadside. Exceptional service and affordable. Thanks Bulldog.'

    Raj Nahar, West London
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